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Credits: GVM AG, Switzerland.

2OC’s objective is to become the world’s leading, new generation, low carbon, green utility company. Its business model is to form joint ventures with gas system network owners to build, own and operate low carbon, sustainable power plants at pressure reduction stations.

Every gas grid in the world has the capacity to implement this technology. Indeed with the predicted growth of gas supply, utilising 2OC generation platforms at pressure reduction stations could become a cost reducing strategy for all gas network operators. Different technology configurations are designed as appropriate for different regulatory regimes.

A full Information Memorandum is available for those potential investors who would like to find out more.

Leading US Venture Capitalist, John Doerr, has stated that alternative and renewable energy is “the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century”. 2OC believes that, with its ambitious joint venture partnering plan, it is well placed to take advantage of this opportunity.