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Our Story

full team B&W2OC was founded in 2004 with the goal to reverse the damage being done to the climate by CO2 – hence the name. It’s a small team which has stayed together. In 2007 the company signed a £400m+ Joint Venture with National Grid plc (NG) called Blue-NG to build up to 8 renewable power plants on NG’s large gas Pressure Reduction Stations. 2OC owns the IP on what is recognised as the world’s most efficient generation plant run on renewable fuels and making use of otherwise wasted heat, in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit. Sadly, the EU’s Third Energy Package legislation which came into force in 2009, prevented NG from being involved in any generation (its business is energy transmission and distribution) and 2OC was forced to seek new funding to progress. Despite this being at the height of the credit crunch, 2OC secured both the debt and equity needed to develop its first plant at Beckton, which goes online in Q4 2015.

2OC is proud to have Lord Oxburgh, the former Chairman of Shell and an acknowledged and hugely respected global leader in sustainability and energy efficiency as its Chairman.

2oc Timeline:

CHP plant up and running

5th August 2015

The world’s first industrial scale CHP plant run on on fats, oils and greases has undergone a series of successful tests and been accredited under the Renewables Obligation. The giant 2-stroke marine diesel engine has generated renewable power for Thames… Read more

Ofgem approves Annual Sustainability Audit Report

1st July 2015

We are pleased to announce that Ofgem approved our first Annual Sustainability Audit Report for 2014-15 this month. This was undertaken in June to demonstrate compliance with the standards for bioliquids sustainability which are laid out under the Renewable Obligation… Read more

£200m power deal and multi-million investment for 2OC

4th June 2013

2OC has signed a 20-year deal worth over £200m with Thames Water to provide renewable power and heat for the UK’s biggest sewage treatment works at Beckton in East London. The company’s nearby Combined Heat and intelligent Power (CHiP) plant… Read more

2OC qualifies for Renewable status

21st May 2009

The energy regulator Ofgem has given 2OC’s new model of Combined Heat and Power renewable status. It means that the company’s UK Combined Heat and intelligent Power (CHiP) plants, will qualify for financial support under the Renewables Obligation. In regulatory… Read more

CHiP plants given green light by Regulator

31st August 2008

The UK energy regulator OFGEM has given consent for 2OC to develop its new Combined Heat and intelligent Power (CHiP) plants at Pressure Reduction Stations on the gas network. The company has permission to develop up to 8 sites. 2OC… Read more