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The Team

The 2OC team combines a unique blend of technical innovation, engineering and regulatory expertise and entrepreneurial talent. It managed to raise the debt and equity needed to build the Beckton ChiP plant at the height of the credit crunch. In the words of its banker “This team can deliver.”

merc-4 Andrew Mercer

Andrew Mercer is the founding CEO of 2OC.  Prior to starting 2OC in 2004, with fellow entrepreneur and environmentalist Michael Edge, Andrew was CEO of the Bath based leadership mentoring and coaching company, Footdown Ltd, a company he founded in … more

Phil-New Phil Jones

Phil left National Grid plc (NG) to join 2OC in 2009 and now assumes all financial responsibilities for 2OC (UK) Ltd. At NG, he was Finance Manager and part of the management team of both NG’s French Interconnector business and … more

tony-3 Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor joined 2OC shortly after its establishment in 2005.  Tony is responsible for developing the commercial and technological platforms upon which 2OC has built its business and for concluding the joint venture agreement with National Grid. His primary responsibility … more

steve-e-new Steven Edrich

Steven Edrich joined 2OC with responsibility for developing the company’s medium term business development strategy. Steve’s career includes 17 years with BP in oil and gas exploration, initially as a geologist in the upstream business and subsequently in a variety … more

andrew-barnard Andrew Barnard

Andrew Barnard is responsible for supply chain management for our waste fuels, development of 2OC’s involvement in second generation technology and negotiation of electricity supply agreements. Prior to joining 2OC, Andrew was the Business Development and Oilseeds Director for Grainfarmers Plc … more