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About Us

2OC creates joint ventures with gas network operators around the world to generate low carbon, sustainable energy (electrical power, heat, cooling and refrigeration) from the network operators’ pressure reduction stations.

2OC’s success is based on our ability to configure these energy-generating components in a way that is both economic and sustainable, within each network operator’s market.

2OC’s first generating plant at Beckton in East London will provide:

  • Up to 18MW of electricity to Thames Water to power Europe’s biggest sewage works and the UK’s only desalination plant.
  • Renewable heat to the pressure reduction process which delivers 40% of London’s gas.

The 2OC team consists of a number of dedicated engineering and commercial staff providing a world-class mixture of dynamic innovation, entrepreneurial flair and unrivalled knowledge of support and regulatory mechanisms. Trusted with installing assets on critical infrastructure in the nation’s capital, 2OC is leading the way in the delivery of power via private wire and innovative uses of otherwise wasted heat.

"2OC is passionate about fighting climate change by becoming a leading, new generation green utility."

Andrew Mercer - CEO